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PVC Coated Fiberglass Fabric -FLFX136/440

Weight: 440 g/㎡
Base Fabric Yarn: 310D*310D
Base Fabric Density: 30*18/
Max Width: 3.2m
Standard Length: 50m/55yds, 100m/110yards
Available FR: B1/NFPA 701
Features: Waterproof, UV Resistance, Flame Retardant, Dimensional Stability, Self Cleaning, Long Life, Anti Mildew.
Advantage: High tear strength, Good flexibility, Non-slip, Chemical resistant, Puncture resistant
Applications: Truck Tarp, Roller blind

PVC tarpaulin performance PVC Coated Fiberglass Fabric -FLFX136/440

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  • Description

PVC coated fiberglass fabric

PVC coated fiberglass fabric is a composite material that combines fiberglass cloth with a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) coating. This PVC coated glass fiber fabric combines the durability and strength of fiberglass with the versatility and waterproofing properties of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It is commonly used in a variety of industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

This 440Gsm PVC coated fiberglass fabric is mainly used for roller blind fabrics is available in customized colors and can be produced in a maximum width of 3.2 meters. Fiberglass fabric provides dependable strength and stability, while PVC coating adds flexibility, weather resistance, and protection from chemicals, abrasion, and UV rays. This combination makes PVC coated fiberglass fabrics also ideal for applications requiring high strength, durability, and resistance to harsh conditions.

PVC coated fiberglass roller blind fabric is mainly exported to the European and American markets. It is 100% light-blocking, waterproof, fireproof, UV-resistant, and environmentally friendly. Excellent fire resistance and natural non-curling make it the best material among curtain materials. The fire resistance grade of PVC coated glass fiber fabric can reach M1 and B1 standards. They are widely used in luxury hotels and office buildings, airports, hospitals, and various luxury places.


PVC coated fiberglass fabric features:

Durability: Fiberglass is known for its high tensile strength and abrasion resistance. PVC coating adds an extra layer of protection, making the fabric more durable.

Waterproof: PVC coated glass fiber fabric provides excellent water resistance, making it suitable for applications where protection from water or moisture is critical.

Chemical Resistance: PVC coated fiberglass fabric is generally resistant to a wide range of chemicals, making it suitable for applications that require contact with corrosive substances.

Fire resistance: Fiberglass itself is fire-resistant, and PVC coating can further enhance its fire resistance. This makes it suitable for applications where fire safety is critical.

Temperature resistance: Fiberglass can withstand high temperatures, and the PVC coating can provide additional protection, making the fabric suitable for use in environments with different temperature conditions.

Flexibility: Although PVC coated glass fiber fabric is strong, it is flexible, allowing it to be used in applications that require some degree of bending or shaping.


PVC coated glass fiber fabric applications:

Industrial Curtains and Screens: The water resistance and durability of PVC coated fiberglass fabric make it suitable for industrial curtains and screens used in manufacturing facilities.

Tarps and Coverings: Its water-resistant and UV-resistant properties make it ideal for manufacturing tarps and coverings for outdoor use, such as truck covers, boat covers, or equipment covers.

Insulating Sheathing: PVC coated fiberglass fabrics are also used for insulating sheathing in applications that require resistance to moisture, chemicals, and high temperatures.

Flexible Ducts: PVC coated glass fiber fabric is used in the construction of flexible ducts for ventilation systems in various industries.

Awnings and Canopies: Due to its durability and weather resistance, this fabric is commonly used in the production of awnings and canopies for residential and commercial buildings.

Protective Clothing: In some cases, the fabric can be used to make protective clothing, especially when fire and chemical protection is required.

When using PVC coated fiberglass fabric, it is important to consider the specific requirements of the application to ensure the material's performance is consistent with its intended use.

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