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PVC Laminated Tarpaulin: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Today’s guide has compiled 7 FAQs that will help you understand all aspects of PVC laminated tarpaulins.
So if you have any questions, this guide will definitely have your answers.

Let me be your expert in the field:

What is PVC laminated tarpaulin?

What are the properties of vinyl tarp fabric? 

  • Waterproof: One of the main advantages of PVC vinyl tarp is its excellent waterproofing ability. The PVC laminated tarpaulin fabric a barrier that prevents water from penetrating the fabric, making it ideal for applications that require protection from rain and moisture.
  • Weather resistance: Vinyl tarpaulin can withstand temperatures of -30℃~+70℃, and can withstand extreme temperatures in outdoor environments.
  • Durability: The lamination process enhances the durability and strength of the vinyl tarp. This makes it resistant to tearing, abrasion and general wear and tear, ensuring longer life and better performance in challenging conditions.
  • UV Resistant: PVC laminated tarpaulins are typically ultraviolet (UV) resistant. This UV resistance helps prevent the material from degrading or fading when exposed to prolonged sunlight, making it suitable for outdoor applications.
  • Fire resistance: Custom vinyl tarps can choose B1, B2, M1, M2 fire resistance levels independently.
  • Chemical Resistance: PVC coatings offer a level of resistance to a variety of chemicals, making waterproof vinyl tarps suitable for industrial applications that require contact with potentially corrosive substances.
  • Tear resistance: In some heavy-duty applications, a high-strength base fabric can be appropriately selected to increase the tear resistance of the PVC vinyl tarp fabric.
  • Versatility: 5.1m large vinyl tarps have applications in a variety of industries. It is commonly used for truck and trailer covers, outdoor shelters, construction site covers, agricultural uses such as hay covers, and more.
  • Customizability: Heavy dutys are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and features, allowing users to choose based on their needs or specific applications.

What are the uses of PVC laminated fabric?

Tents and Canopies PVC Laminated Fabric
Tents and Canopies
Swimming pool liner 1 PVC Laminated Fabric
Swimming Pool Liner
Architectural Membranes 4 PVC Laminated Fabric
Architectural Membranes
Truck and Trailer Tarps PVC Laminated Fabric
Truck and Trailer Tarps
Inflatable castle PVC Laminated Fabric
Inflatable Castle
Inflatable Boat PVC Laminated Fabric
Inflatable Boat
Outdoor Furniture Covers PVC Laminated Fabric
Outdoor Furniture Covers
Sports and Recreation Equipment PVC Laminated Fabric
Sports and Recreation Equipment
Agricultural Covers PVC Laminated Fabric
Agricultural Covers
Medical and Healthcare Applications PVC Laminated Fabric
Medical and Healthcare Applications
Luggage and Bags PVC Laminated Fabric
Luggage and Bags
Kids Bracket Pool PVC Laminated Fabric
Kids Bracket Pool
Awnings and Shades PVC Laminated Fabric
Awnings and Shades
Water storage bag PVC Laminated Fabric
Water Storage Bag
PVC Tarpaulin Industrial Curtain PVC Laminated Fabric
Industrial Curtain
camouflage tarpaulin PVC Laminated Fabric
Printable Tarpaulin
Fish Farming Tank PVC Laminated Fabric
Fish Farming Tank
Rapid Roller Doors PVC Laminated Fabric
Rapid Roller Doors
Banners and Signage PVC Laminated Fabric
Banners and Signage
Roller Blind PVC Laminated Fabric
Roller Blind
Wall Fabric PVC Laminated Fabric
Wall Fabric

What sizes and thicknesses are available for vinyl tarpaulin material?

The size and thickness of PVC vinyl tarpaulins can be customized based on customer needs and intended application. Common thicknesses for waterproof vinyl tarps typically range from 0.3 mm to 1.0 mm or more.


  • Standard Sizes: Common standard sizes of heavy vinyl tarp materials include 6×8 feet, 8×10 feet, 10×12 feet, etc. These standard sizes are generally readily available and widely used for a variety of purposes.
  • Custom Sizes: FLFX PVC tarpaulin manufacturers also have the flexibility to produce custom-sized vinyl tarps based on customers’ specific requirements. This can be better suited for unique applications.


  • Lightweight: Vinyl tarpaulins with a thickness of around 0.3 mm to 0.5 mm are considered lightweight. They are suitable for applications that require flexibility and ease of operation, such as camping tarps and temporary covers.
  • Medium weight: PVC laminated tarpaulins materials with a thickness between 0.5mm and 0.8mm are considered medium weight. They strike a balance between durability and flexibility and are often used in applications such as truck covers and outdoor storage.
  • Heavy Duty: Vinyl tarpaulin materials that are more than 0.8 mm thick, up to 1.0 mm thick or more, are considered heavy duty. They are rugged and suitable for demanding applications including industrial hoods, construction site shelters and other situations where a high level of protection is required.

Can PVC laminated tarpaulin roll be ODM/OEM?

ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) are two common production models. The difference between them mainly lies in the control rights of design and manufacturing.

OEM: OEM production can be carried out based on your existing PVC tarpaulin product technology.

ODM: We can customize or develop new PVC tarpaulin products according to your project needs.

FLFX has comprehensive production services and can choose OEM/ODM services according to customer needs. The following are items you can choose on your own:

  • Width: 1.6m/ 2.5m/ 2.8m/ 3m/ 3.2m / 5.1m (optional)
  • Weight: 300gsm ~ 1800gsm (10oz ~ 60oz) (optional)
  • Base fabric: 500*500D, 18*17/ 840*840D, 9*9/ 1500*1500D, 30*32 100% polyester fiber (optional)
  • Color: PVC laminated tarpaulin colors are available through RAL and PANTONE color cards, and you can usually choose the color that best suits your aesthetic preferences or brand requirements.
  • Fire protection: B1, B2, M1, M2, NFPA701 (optional)
  • Environmentally friendly: 3P, 6P, Reach, no heavy metals (optional)
  • Surface treatment: PVDF, Acrylic (optional)
  • Other options: UV resistance, mildew resistance, self-cleaning, tensile resistance, anti-aging, etc.
  • Printing and Branding: If you need graphics printed on your waterproof PVC laminated tarpaulin material or a logo on your packaging, FLFX PVC tarpaulin fabric factorys can provide custom printing services and incorporate your branding or labeling.
  • Package: kraft paper and rigid tube packaging (optional)
  • Price: PVC, weight, base fabric, color, production technology, and any additional features determine the price of PVC laminated tarp fabric. Specific guidelines can be found on the PVC tarpaulins price page.

How is PVC laminated tarpaulin manufactured?

Calender machine: Both cold lamination and hot melt calendering require this calender to produce thin, uniform sheets of PVC film from PVC polymer. This PVC polymer is made by mixing raw PVC resin with various additives, plasticizers, colorants, and stabilizers in an extruder. It has the required properties and colors, such as anti-aging, environmental protection, Flame retardant, color, etc.

Next, we will choose between the cold lamination method and the hot melt calendering method based on the customer’s expected application and material properties.

Cold Lamination Method

Hot Melt Calendering Method

During production, the cold laminating machine can only put in a maximum of 2 layers of PVC film and 1 layer of polyester fiber base fabric. The hot melt calendering machine can simultaneously put in 8 layers of PVC film and 1 layer of polyester fiber base fabric to produce a thicker 5.1m PVC laminated tarpaulin. And a surface treatment system has also been added, which can add PVDF and acrylic treatment to the surface of the PVC laminated tarpaulin, allowing some specific application materials to achieve self-cleaning properties. The temperature and pressure of the hot melt calender have also been well upgraded, which has also greatly improved the strength and bonding performance of PVC laminated fabrics.

PVC Laminated Tarpaulin Products Display

500d pvc tarpaulin PVC Laminated Fabric
550Gsm Laminated Tarpaulin -FLFX124/550
heavy duty pvc tarp 1 PVC Laminated Fabric
750Gsm Laminated Tarpaulin -FLFX112/750
PVC Tarpaulin Canvas 1 PVC Laminated Fabric
650Gsm Laminated Tarpaulin -FLFX111/650
610gsm tarpaulin PVC Laminated Fabric
680Gsm Laminated Tarpaulin -FLFX113/680
pvc coated tarpaulin fabric PVC Laminated Fabric
600Gsm Laminated Tarpaulin -FLFX110/600
pvc tarp material PVC Laminated Fabric
850Gsm Laminated Tarpaulin -FLFX115/850
white pvc tarpaulin PVC Laminated Fabric
1350Gsm Laminated Tarpaulin -FLFX130/1350
pvc tarps for sale PVC Laminated Fabric
1250Gsm Laminated Tarpaulin -FLFX131/1250
tensile fabric architecture PVC Laminated Fabric
1100Gsm Laminated Tarpaulin -FLFX132/1100
mosaic pool liner PVC Laminated Fabric
1.2mm Mosaic Pool Liner FLFX6001
inground pool liners 2 PVC Laminated Fabric
1.5mm Inground Pool Liners-FLFX6002
blue pool liner PVC Laminated Fabric
1.5mm Anti-Slip Pool Liners-FLFX6003
waterproof pvc tarpaulin PVC Laminated Fabric
610Gsm Laminated Tarpaulin -FLFX119/610
500 gsm tarpaulin PVC Laminated Fabric
500Gsm Laminated Tarpaulin -FLFX118/500
pvc tarpaulin truck cover PVC Laminated Fabric
800Gsm Laminated Tarpaulin -FLFX116/800
550 gsm tarpaulin price 1 PVC Laminated Fabric
550Gsm Laminated Tarpaulin -FLFX120/550
900 gsm tarpaulin PVC Laminated Fabric
900Gsm Laminated Tarpaulin -FLFX117/900
pvc tarpaulin 550gsm price PVC Laminated Fabric
700Gsm Laminated Tarpaulin -FLFX114/700
customized pvc stripe tarpaulin factory PVC Laminated Fabric
750Gsm Laminated Tarpaulin -FLFX141/750
500d pvc tarpaulin waterproof PVC Laminated Fabric
650Gsm Laminated Tarpaulin -FLFX139/650
waterproof pvc tarp PVC Laminated Fabric
560Gsm Laminated Tarpaulin -FLFX127/560

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