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Tarpaulin awnings are practical, versatile, and indispensable shade fabric for various occasions such as outdoor events and construction sites. Their ability to provide shelter from the wind and rain, while being customizable in height and width, makes them a preferred solution for many applications. This guide will deeply dive into the production process, functions, uses, advantages, and considerations of PVC tarpaulin awnings.

  • Outdoor events: From bustling markets and fairs to music festivals and outdoor weddings, PVC tarpaulin awnings provide convenient shelter for dealers and performers. Their customizable nature makes branding and advertising simple, making them a top choice for promotional events.
  • Construction sites: Construction projects often require temporary shelter to protect equipment, materials, and workers from the elements. Tarp awnings can effectively accomplish this purpose, providing a cost-effective solution for on-site protection.
  • Recreational activities: Campers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts rely on tarp awnings to create temporary shelter while exploring the outdoors. These versatile structures can be quickly set up as tents, dining areas, and showers, enhancing the camping experience.
  • Agricultural settings: In agriculture, tarpaulin awnings are used for various tasks, such as shading crops, protecting livestock from the sun and rain, and covering hay or equipment storage areas.

* Hot melt calendering machine

FLFX Hot melt calendering machine is used to produce PVC tarpaulin, PVC flex banner, roller blind, swimming pool liner, etc.

*Technical Properties

Weight450 g/㎡680 g/㎡850 g/㎡
Base Fabric300×500 Dtex 18×12/ inch1000 Dtex 20×20/ inch1100 Dtex 30×30/ inch
Tensile Strength
500/500 N/5cm2500/2000 N/5cm4700/2800 N/5cm
Tear Strength
180/150 N550/320 N600/420 N
Adhesion60 N/5cm60 N/5cm60 N/5cm
Temperature Resistance-30℃ / +70℃-30℃ / +70℃-30℃ / +70℃
Flame Retardancy
B1, M2B1, M2B1, M2
ApplicationTarpaulin AwningTarpaulin AwningTarpaulin Awning

PVC Laminated Tarpaulin Striped Tarpaulin Awning
PVC Striped Tarpaulin Awning -FLFX140/630
pvc striped tarpaulin Striped Tarpaulin Awning
PVC Striped Awning Fabric -FLFX141/750
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