What are the applications of polyvinyl chloride films in homes?

PVC vinyl film has many applications in the home, such as indoor ceilings, printed carpet fabrics, roller blinds, wall coverings, furniture covers, kitchen cabinet renovations, window films, etc. Polymeric PVC film is everywhere, it gives our homes good protection. Next, we briefly introduce the unique properties of these products:

PVC Printable Carpet What are the applications of polyvinyl chloride films in homes?

Window Film: PVC film can be used as window film and provides us with many functions. For example, reducing glare, blocking UV rays, providing privacy, improving thermal insulation, etc. Users can choose frosted, various colors, and decorative pattern printing to meet the needs of different users.

Kitchen Cabinet Renovation: Printed PVC film is also used to renovate or cover kitchen cabinet doors. We will print some wood veneer patterns on its surface to simulate the pattern of the cabinet. It’s an economical and easy-to-install product that gives you a new look on your cabinets without a lot of maintenance costs.

Wall Covering: Calendered PVC film can also be used to make PVC wall covering, providing different patterns, textures, and colors for the wall covering. We currently offer B1-level flame retardant wall coverings, A1-level flame retardant wall coverings, and custom pattern printed wall coverings. FLFX’s PVC wall coverings are extremely durable, easy to clean, and moisture-resistant, making them suitable for use in kitchens, bathrooms, and other high-humidity areas.

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